Olympic Village
Growing  Suspicion that
2018 Winter Olympics
Were Faked
Friday March 2, 2018 (AP)

          A previously unknown organization who call themselves "Sports Truthers" have published an exposť asserting that national networks NBC, CBS, ABC and PBS conspired together to fake the 2018 Winter Olympics.  The story pinpoints a remote area of Canada and details over-the-top means and methods used to create a South Korean Olympic Village.

          Actors were hired to play athletes, using makeup and wigs to play multiple characters.  Men were dressed in padded womens' ski suits.  Cameras were strategically placed to intentionally obscure the features of athletes.  In a feat of technical wizardry, cameras were spun on axis to create the illusion of snowboarders spinning in the air.  Each downhill ski run was actually the same run, but using video editors to speed up or slow down different portions and overlaying virtual uniforms onto the actors.

          The wilderness village location has since been restored to remove all traces of production.   Asked why networks would go to this much trouble, Sports Truther spokesman Justin Elder replied, "Follow the money."