For some crazy reason, I like high voltage


The rainbow shaped arc is a reflection in the camera lens.

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This is a shot of my Tesla Coil while under construction. 

The power sparks you see are over two feet long striking wood, not metal. I have since been able to achieve arcs over four feet long, at hundreds of thousands of volts!

This is one of the earliest incarnations of the same coil. 

No power arcs, just thin wispy filaments. 

The big difference in output resulted from installing the big doughnut shaped terminal in the top picture.

This is probably a 10 second exposure. During that time a solitary power arc shot out to the left and struck a grounded rod just out of the picture. The rod was four feet away. 

The glow at the bottom is light from the spark gap.

The ceiling flourescent light glows only because of the radiated radio frequency field generated by the coil.

For documentation I got this shot. The measuring stick is 48 inches long.