Building Instructions

    Due to popular demand, I've assembled building instructions for the fourth graders crystal radio.

    I'm short on time, so you'll need to print out and read over the links below to develop a parts list.  I don't think the following is in the text, so I'll add it here.

    I used 1/2" wood screws and finishing washers to connect the wires.   The finishing washers have a sharp edge that bites into the wire wonderfully.

    The transformer  is Radio Shack 273-1380.  The phone jacks are Radio Shack 274-249. Connect each of the 8 ohm outside (not center tap) leads of the transformer to each of  the two terminals on the back side of the phone jack.

    This is a very fun project.  I've tried to be as precise and clear as possible.  If something is unclear, feel free to email me, and please understand when I cannot give long explanations or answers. Some people are really good at putting this stuff on the web very quickly.  It took me HOURS!  So if you appreciate it, I'd enjoy hearing from you.  If you think I'm a jerk for not telling you everything you need to know, sorry 'bout that.

    You should be aware of safety considerations when installing antenna and ground systems.  People have fallen to their death and have been electrocuted while installing antennas.  I am not qualified to advise you regarding electrical safety.  If you don't know about safety practices, consult an electrician or someone who is qualified.  Safety first, then have fun!

  Winding the Coil

 Building a Coke Can Capacitor

Antenna and Grounding Instructions

 Wiring Diagram and Top Plate (this sheet gets pasted to the wood base)

 Coil Winding Guide (paper strips)


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