Tom's Radio Collection

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From the time I was a preschooler, I loved little radios, and they knew it. Throughout my adult life, radios still find me. I've had a collection for quite a while, but just recently began filling in the gaps and getting it organized. Below are my favorites, which seem to center around the early 60's.

I also fancy small "Mission Impossible" tape recorders and other electronic gadgets.  Don't stop with this page. Pick one or two of these jewels that look interesting or pretty and click on them. I went to some trouble to photograph these so that you might indulge in a feast for your eyes when you click on them.
For faster viewing, right click to open in a new window.  More radios are on Page 2.  Enjoy!

Tube Radios (click on pictures!)

1951 RCA
Santay Plastic
Early 50's 
Crown Portable
1954 Zenith AC/DC
Faux portable
Canadian AM 
Table Radio

Horizontal Transistor Radios

Reverse Paint
Seminole AM/SW
Wilco Transistor
Fuji-Denki AM/SW
Russian Transistor 
Radio Kit

Reverse Paint White
Reverse Paint Royal
Channel Master
Viscount AM/SW

Candle Battery
AM Table Radio
Candle AM
Reverse Paint
Candle AM/SW
Koyo AM/FM

National Panasonic
with lid flipped
My Mini-Collection 
of Mini-Consoles
Original Panasonic 

Stunning Beauty
Front FM, Back AM
My best sounding
Trancel AM/SW
by Toshiba
Stylish Holiday

Zenith MW & LW
 Old Wine in New Skins
Inside the Skin
 Colorful Old Batteries
Vertical  Transistor Radios
Early Arch Rivals
Front & Center Dials
Coin Shaped Dials

Close Competitors
Similar Vintage
Comet Motifs
Two Bulova Beauties

Two Imitators
Only Two 
Transistors Inside
Getting More Stylish Now
My two most expensive

Personal History Radios

My First Transistors
 Hey, I found one!
Homebuilt Regenerative
Regenerative Insides

Radio Links

John Pelham's Antique Radio Collection

Sarah's Transistor Radios

Classic Radio Gallery

Bob Davidson's Radios

Mid Century Radios

Vintage Radio


I bought these radios before the new millennium  because I like 'em.
 I have no idea of their value, much less the value of your radio. 

Please don't consider me an authority on this subject, as I'm not.  I just like the little things. 

Since I can't answer most folks' questions, 
you should know up front why I don't return some emails.

Page created September 21, 1998