1. PARKING/VEHICLES:  Owner/manager has the right to regulate the parking at any time.   Improperly parked vehicles, unauthorized vehicles, and disabled vehicles will be towed at tenantís expense.  Parking on the grass is prohibited.  Regular parking on the street is prohibited.  Working on vehicles is prohibited.

2. KITCHEN:  Remove hard objects or broken glass from bottom the dishwasher as they can cause a costly malfunction.  The disposal cannot grind objects such as artichokes, banana peels, pineapple rind, lemon/lime peel, and hard objects.  Residents agree to promptly reimburse owner/manager for such service calls.

3. AIR CONDITIONER/HEATER:  Residents agree to change out the A/C and furnace filter  monthly as called for in the lease.  Owner will supply enough filters for the term of the lease.  At the end of the lease, resident will return all filters to owner/manager.  If any filters show evidence of not being used, Owner will have A/C cleaned at tenantís expense.   In addition, Resident will pour a cup of bleach in the ďTĒ fitting once a month during A/C season and will check the A/C condensation outlet, clearing it of any debris. Resident should acquaint themselves with the appliances circuit breakers and cutoff switches.  Fire ants and bugs are attracted to electrical fields in A/C units, and resident agrees to treat the area around the compressor with insecticide to control the exposure to having ants or bugs cause the A/C to malfunction.  Resident agrees to promptly reimburse the owner/manager for service calls relating to dirty coils resulting from dirty filters, unfamiliarity with controls, or by ants or bugs creating a malfunction.

4. PLUMBING: During November, December, January, February, and March, to prevent freezing pipes, plan to leave your faucets dripping or turn off the water at the main control and drain the water and drain the appliance/fixtures of water if you will be gone.   Resident agrees to reimburse Owner for repairs as a result of not following these instructions.

5. CHECK OUT: Prior to vacating, call the office so that we may arrange a check out tour; tours are conducted during business hours.  You need not be present during check out: If you move out prior to the lease expiration, we will attempt to meet your day and time. Otherwise, the check out tour is done at our convenience.  Keys, openers, and other materials issued to you must be returned to the office at time of move out.  If these items are not received at the time of move out, resident will be charged for rekeying and other replacements.  Our representative has no authority to bind or limit us regarding deductions for repairs, damages, or charges.  Any statements or estimates by us or our representative are subject to our correction, modification, or disapproval before final refunding or accounting.

6. CLEANING:  To help prevent pest infestation, all areas will be kept free of trash, debris, and clutter, including garage, carport, and storage areas. Carpets will be professionally cleaned at your expense by our vendor after you move out; residents cannot choose the vendor.  Resident(s) agree that the following items will be cleaned upon their vacating or deductions from the security deposit will be made for such cleaning: Removal  of oils, grease, hair and accumulations of dirt, dust and marks; clean the floors, windows (inside and outside), sills, walls, shelving, cabinets, sinks, commodes, bathtubs, showers and their tracks and ledges; oven stove (including lifting the top of the stove and cleaning area under lid, burners, burner inserts, broiler pan, filters and fan.  Clean light fixtures, mirrors, doors, fireplace, entries, patios. Remove grease and oil form parking areas; remove all items and trash. Mow front and rear lawns if itís your responsibility under the lease.  Utilities are to be left on for the move out survey or a charge to turn them on will be made. Utility fees for cleaning the unit other than carpet cleaning are your expense. A $50 administrative fee will be deducted from the deposit if services other than carpet cleaning are necessary.  In the event Tenant vacates Property during lease term and Property needs to be made ready for new lease, Landlord has authority to have property made ready and charge Tenant.

7. SERVICE:  Except for emergencies, service is performed via written request.  You must have a telephone number available so that service can be scheduled. Service is provided business days and business hours unless by special arrangement.  You are responsible for service calls resulting from misuse, neglect, or being unfamiliar with controls and operations of equipment or for failure to keep a scheduled appointment with a vendor.   Multiple service requests within a short time frame that could have been combined are subject to a $25.00 processing fee to help offset the administrative costs associated with these kinds of service requests.

8. AGENCY:  For the purposes of this lease as pertaining to notices to or from occupants, it is acknowledged that a notice to or from one occupant is deemed as notice to or from each occupant.

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