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2001 Chairman, Austin Board of REALTORS
2002 REALTOR of the Year


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My Encounter with Greatness: Helping Brian Wilson

     Other UT condos too "studenty" for you?  Do you prefer 400 West 35th Unit 107 Austin TXsomething a cut above, maybe two or three cuts above? Then take a look at this unusually nice home, well suited to executive style living.  As a luxury remodel this living space  features many upgrades and quality materials.   Two assigned parking spaces plus extra street parking for visitors helps provide
easy living.  Located on a residential street along with several real houses, from this home you can stroll or roll  to any of several restaurants and stores.  At home, enjoy the warm hardwood floors and the cool marble countertops.

Eanes District
3216 Thousand Oaks Drive

      One of the most positive benefits of this property is that it is a corner lot  3216 Thousand Oaks Drive, Austin TX 78746There are no neighbors to the left and behind to the left.  HOORAY! Having this extra space between neighbors reduces your potential exposure to loud music, barking dogs, and neighbor's spotlights shining in your window while you're trying to sleep.  For years, homeowners have preferred corner lots.

      And living in this particular location is like owning a garage door opener: Once you've experienced this convenience, you'll wonder how you ever did without it! Think about it.  How do you and your family really want to live your life?  Do you want to spend it driving? That temptation to buy the newest models in new neighborhoods miles down the freeways fades quickly away when you can walk minutes to school and drive less than two minutes down the street to ... (more >)

     A tropical jungle near the heart of Austin? Who would 3408 Westside Covehave thought such a thing!  But I tell ya, "It's twue, it's twue!" You must see it to believe it!   This luxury duplex is hidden away in a valley so quiet that you can easily confuse the sound of millions of fluttering leaves with the white noise of Mopac, that's just a five minute walk away!    Anyone would be hard pressed to find a duplicate of this extraordinary setting anywhere in Austin.  

Tom Polk is a real estate broker licensed in the State of Texas.
  Stanberry & Associates has operated as a real estate brokerage firm licensed in the State of Texas since 1985.