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\par Tom Polk, ABR, CRS\par
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\par \cf4 2001 Chairman, Austin Board of REALTORS\par
\par 2002 REALTOR of the Year\par
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\par \cf8 \par Call me:  \par \par \cf0\par 512-327-9310 x 234\par

\par I check my voice mail throughout the day\par
\par Please leave times and numbers for me to call you\par
\par Please state your number twice\par

\par \par \cf3 Availability\par \par

\par \par My office hours are weekdays, 9:00-6:00 Central Time
\par Saturdays are by appointment, Sunday is my day off\par

\par \par \cf1 \par Emergencies\par \par \cf0

\par \par Our office is open seven days a week\par
\par Our receptionist knows how to find me\par
\par \par \par \par Click here to email\par

\par I'm more likely to respond if you'll identify yourself

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\par \par "Austin is more than a place...It's a way of life" \par \par --local bumper sticker\par \par \par
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Directions\par to My Office


DIRECTIONS\par from Bergstrom International Airport:  go west on\par Highway 71, stay on it and it will become Ben White\par Blvd.  Keep going west, go under I-35, and follow the\par directions below from I-35.

DIRECTIONS\par from I-35: go west on Ben White ( aka Hwy. 71, aka Loop\par 360\par aka Capital of Texas Highway).  You will be heading towards\par Barton Creek Mall, which you will pass.  On the way the Barton\par Creek mall, while on 360 (Ben White) you will pass Congress. S. 1st,\par Manchaca, Lamar.  After S. 1st stay in the right\par lane.  As you approach the Lamar exit, in the right lane the\par road splits, stay to the right and take the 360 Capital of Texas\par Highway and head down the long hill.  When you reach the\par bottom of the hill and start heading up again you'll be passing under\par Mopac (Loop 1).

In front of the mall just past\par Loop\par 1 there are some traffic lights.  The last light at the mall\par is Walsh Tarlton. Staying on Loop 360, count that as light\par #1.  Light #2 is Westbank, turn  right at light #3,\par which\par is Lost Creek Blvd.  When you take that right, you can only go\par a few feet before you "T" into our parking lot, and take a\par left, finding the first parking spot you can.  We are in\par Building F, Suite 100 (we have the first floor.).

DIRECTIONS\par from Mopac (Loop1):  Head south from\par Downtown.  Take\par the exit  for NORTH Loop 360, aka Capital of TX\par Hwy.  Barton Creek Mall is on the right.  Get on 360\par north and turn right.

In front of the\par mall just past Loop 1 there are some traffic lights.  The last\par light at the mall is Walsh Tarlton. Staying on Loop 360,\par count that as light #1.  Light #2 is Westbank, turn \par right at light #3, which is Lost Creek Blvd.  When\par you take that right, you can only go a few feet before you "T" in our\par parking\par lot, and take a left, finding the first parking spot you can. \par We are in Building F.

The\par map below shows where we are.  If you want to zoom in, copy\par the following address:

1101 S. Capital\par of TX Hwy.,\par Austin TX 

Then paste it in at maps.google.com\par \par \par \par     Google's red pin marker may not\par be correct, so check the\par aerial photo below.

\par In the aerial photo below, my office is circled in yellow.\par

\par \par \par  

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Tom Polk is a real estate broker licensed in the State of Texas.
\par \par Stanberry & Associates has operated as a real estate brokerage firm licensed in the State of Texas since 1985.
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