Tom Polk's
Tape Recorder Collection

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 Stack o' Minys

 Pink Miny
Blue Miny
Gray Miny
Nobility Miny
Aiwa TP-60
Lloyds 4C70B
Juliette LT-44
Craig TR-408
Consul De Luxe
Sony TC-142
Sony TC-150
National RQ-303
Aiwa TP-50
Chrome Beauty
 Ross Mark-55
Telmar T-100
Monacor All Metal

Tom's  Radio Collection

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I bought these litte jewels before the new millennium  because I like 'em.
 I have no idea of their value, much less the value of your recorder.

Please don't consider me an authority on this subject, as I'm not.  I just like the little things.

Since I can't answer most folks' questions,
you should know up front why I don't return some emails.

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