Previously, I had found a radio just like the one I had as a teenager, and a coral one almost like the one my brother had.

    Well, I found this Sony TR-650 just like the one my brother had!   The round grille is black metal mesh.  The tuning dial is operated by a thumbwheel on the opposite side of the radio; there is actually a dial string inside the radio, very unusual for a radio of this vintage and size.  Most radios had the tuning dial painted or stamped directly onto the knob or thumbwheel.

     My dad brought this model back from Japan.   I thought it was very ugly.  The bloated  speaker made it hard to fit into its leather case.  I was glad my brother got the radio, and I got the seventeen jewel watch.

     Today,  I adore this radio.   It sounds great, thanks to the oversized speaker.  The construction is magnificent, as usual for early Sonys.


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