Tom's Radio Collection

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Tube Radios

  Silvertone Lunchbox
3203 (528.259)
 GE Lighted Dial AM-FM Model 440 (1954)
  Silvertone Portable 210 132.880 (1950)
  Back and Sides

Horizontal Transistor Radios

GE's First Transistor
Model 677 (1955)
Early NEC
Grape Dialed NEC
NT-620 (1959)
' 59 Channel Master
Super Fringe 6515

Hitachi Symmetry
TH759 (1961)
Bulova Filigree 
Model 640 (1958)
Early Westinghouses
'59 H-699P7, '57 H-589P7
H-589P7 (1957)

 Early Panasonic
1961 T-50
 Hitachi Marie
TH862R (1959)
 Global Clock Radio
 Early AM-FM Marvel
9FM-38 (1964)
Vertical and Square Transistor Radios
Zephyr Reverse Paint
ZR-620 (1958)
Hitachi Shaver Style
TH-627R (1960) 
Miniature by Standard
SR-H437 (1965)
J.C. Penney
1140 (ca. 1962)

Crystal  Radios and Extension Speakers

Crystal Radio
Aud-Ion (ca. 1959) 
Rocket Radio 
Deep Bass Extension
Speaker (ca. 1965)
Candle Speaker Box


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I bought these radios before the new millennium  because I like 'em.
 I have no idea of their value, much less the value of your radio. 

Please don't consider me an authority on this subject, as I'm not.  I just like the little things.  

Since I can't answer most folks' questions, 

you should know up front why I don't return some emails.

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